EXP Configurations

EXP Panels are stocked in heights of 39", 53", 67", and 67" with glazed top sections. The fabric color is a neutral gray with Gray/Silver edge trim and storage products. Worksurfaces are stocked in corner and rectangular configurations. The worksurfaces include 60MM grommet holes and mount with a 5/8" gap behind, to further accomodate wiring. Tops are White or Modern Walnut. 

8x8 Corner Station 53" High Panels                            $9,005 List Price

8x6 U-Station 39" Panels with ELD            $$8,833 List

6x6 Station 53" High Panels                            $6,788 List Price

6x6 Multi-Height Stations                    $9,104 List Price

Multi-Height Stations with Reception           $11,990 List Price

6x12 Double Shared Station                $7,959

6x6 Stations with Glass Portion                         $8,286 List Price

10x9 Managerial Station 67" High Panels with Peninsula Desks                     $13,778

6x6 Station 53" High Panels with Lair                      $7,938

7x7 Corner Station 53" High Panels                 $7,633 List Price

8x8 Management Stations Multi-Height        $10,704

6x6 Corner Station 67" High Panels              $7,633 List Price